(VIDEO) This Unique Bewitched scene has never been edited. Observe It More Carefully and Try Not to Gasp

In the enchanting world of “Bewitched,” Elizabeth Montgomery cast a spell as the charming witch Samantha. Season 3 Episode 1, titled “Nobody’s Perfect,” brought new excitement to viewers.

Elizabeth Montgomery played Samantha, a witch who tries her best to live a normal life with her husband Darrin, who is a regular person. In this episode, Samantha tries to make a good impression on Darrin’s difficult client, Mr. Brockway. She wants to show that she can be perfect, but things don’t go as planned. WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW

The episode is full of funny moments and magic mishaps. Samantha’s attempts to impress Mr. Brockway lead to unexpected outcomes. Her magic causes chaos instead of helping her. This makes the episode both entertaining and hilarious.

Elizabeth Montgomery’s performance as Samantha shines brightly. Her graceful and witty portrayal of the charming witch captivated audiences. She brought warmth and humor to every scene she was in.

Overall, “Nobody’s Perfect” from Season 3 of “Bewitched” is a delightful showcase of Elizabeth Montgomery’s talent. Her portrayal of Samantha continues to enchant audiences with its magic and humor. It’s a classic episode that fans of the show and newcomers alike can enjoy and appreciate.

Bewitched S3 E1: Nobody’s Perfect

Air Date: November 15, 1966

Episode Description: Samantha discovers Tabitha is a . . . witch.

Navy and white polka dot shift dress with slight v-collar and pockets on the seams.

 Dark blue coat
 Collar detailing
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