There’s Still Folks Who Don’t Know The Purpose Of This Small Hole On A Padlock

Off The Record

Alright folks, gather ’round because we’re about to unlock (pun intended) some secrets about that trusty padlock you’ve got hanging around somewhere. These little metal marvels are crucial for keeping your gates, toolboxes, and bicycles safe. But did you know they’re harboring a tiny secret? That little hole at the bottom isn’t just a design quirk—oh no, it’s got a purpose.

Serving an Important Function

Padlocks might be small, but they’re like the bodyguards of your belongings. Tough and resilient, they stand guard against theft. However, even these metal warriors have their vulnerabilities, mainly rust and weather damage. Enter the little hole on the underside of the padlock. Its superpower? Allowing water to escape! This simple, hidden feature does wonders to prevent rust and keeps your padlock functioning longer.

Alternative to the Padlock Hole

Of course, technology marches on, and now we’ve got waterproof padlocks on the market. These are the high-tech cousins of our classic padlocks, offering year-round protection without worrying about weather conditions. Safe and sound, no matter the storm!

Another Reason for the Padlock Design

But wait, there’s more! That sneaky little hole isn’t just a moisture escape route. Ever had a padlock that just wouldn’t budge, even though you swore you had the right code or key? In those frustrating moments, a squirt of synthetic lubricant through the hole can be a game-changer, making opening the padlock a breeze.

Other Usual Items With “Hidden Features”

As it turns out, padlocks aren’t the only everyday items with clever design quirks. Let’s explore a few more:

Screwdrivers as Wrenches

If you’ve ever tried fixing something in a tight spot, you know the headaches involved. Here’s a tip: most screwdrivers can be slid inside a wrench, making them smaller and more maneuverable to reach those pesky, hard-to-reach places.

Color Swatch on Clothes

Remember those little fabric swatches that come with some clothing items? They’re not just there for decoration. You can use them to match colors when repairing damaged garments or even test how laundry detergents will affect your clothes, ensuring they stay in tip-top shape.

Brass doorknobs and padlocks

Why brass for doorknobs and padlocks, you ask? Apart from looking classy, brass has antimicrobial properties. This means it naturally reduces germ spread, making your frequently-touched items a bit cleaner.

Gas Indicator

Ever pulled up to a gas station only to forget which side your gas tank is on? Well, automakers had your back on this one. They’ve added a little gas indicator near the gas gauge, usually shaped like a triangle, pointing to the side of the car where the tank is located. Crisis averted!

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