Here’s a Hilarious Answer to Question ‘What Do Seniors Do For Fun?’

Whenever someone talks about “old” folks, our mind immediately starts picturing passive and serious-looking faces. Even in movies, elderly citizens are often stereotyped as a solemn, unenergetic, and grumpy bunch of people. However, they couldn’t be more wrong. Our seniors do know how to have fun, and the amazing duo featured in this clip are here to show us exactly how! You are going to be in stitches when you see their funny antics.


This hilarious duo is anything but passive and grumpy. They prove to us why such a negative outlook toward elders is wrong. Pranks and mischief are generally related to young people, but this funny video shows that mischief has nothing to do with age. Some might believe that the capacity to have fun comes to an end as you grow older, but I would have to disagree and say that it actually gets better. And these elders are proof to that statement.

One thing a person should always have is a sense of humor. Life would be completely dull and colorless without it, don’t you think? And as you will soon see in the following video, this sweet couple has a wicked sense of humor.

They were driving around in their car one day when another vehicle came close to them. The fellow driver tries to overtake them, but then he gets tricked in the funniest way. Wait till you see what the elderly woman did! Check out this funny clip below and let us know what you think in the Facebook comments!



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