Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Kids with Maria Shriver ‘Don’t Love’ His Illegitimate Son Who’s ‘Snubbed’ by Them, Claims Source

The children of Maria Shivers and Joseph Baena, the actor’s doppelganger lovechild, are rumoured to have a “family rift” at the Arnold Schwarzenegger household.

At the FUBAR launch of his new Netflix series, the Terminator star was flanked by his children. The 75-year-old celebrity posed for pictures alongside Katherine, 33, and her husband Chris Pratt, as well as his two children Christina, 31, and Shivers.

Although he attended the premiere alone, Schwarzenegger’s son Mildred Baena, whom he fathered with his former housekeeper, was present.

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Schwarzenegger and his son “are very close,” according to a family insider, although Shriver and her kids still don’t interact with Baena.

The source said, “To be honest, the other kids don’t love Joe.” It’s unfortunate since Arnold has always treated him equally to all of his other children, which makes him a pretty decent kid. But for some reason, the other kids blame Joe for the affair.

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In a social media post, Schwarzenegger’s doppelganger child expressed his pride in his father while posing for a selfie at the premiere. He sported a gold chain necklace, black jacket, black jeans and a white button-up shirt. He accompanied the image with a positive assessment of his father’s newest movie, “I give FUBAR a 2 thumbs up!!!”

“Had an amazing time last night at the FUBAR premier [sic]!” he continued. “In my unbiased opinion, FUBAR is a hilarious, action packed show that will have you on the edge of your seat the entire time!”

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One of Baena’s Instagram followers commented, “It’s disgusting how you are treated, man, by your own blood. Completely ignored due to something out of your control. Is it racial hostility? Who knows. At the end of the day, use this bulls*** to fuel you.”

Another supporter wrote, “That’s a shame. Arnie seems [sic] to love them equally tho, if not Joe a little more because he’s walking in his footsteps.”


The conflict between Schwarzenegger’s children was initially made public during the FUBAR premiere. Witnesses at the premiere said that while the actor’s other children went home, Baena lingered for the after-party at The Grove in Los Angeles, California.

The former California governor, seen at the same premiere holding a giant “World’s Best Dad” mug, is reportedly “really close to Joe.”

One source said, “I’ve been at several events where he’s brought him along.”

“It’s not fair, but I guess it’s understandable — he’s the product of something that should not have occurred,” the source continued. “The Schwarzenegger kids have consistently navigated the situation with respect and class.”

“Arnold loves all of his children. He has a great relationship with all of them.”

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