“You are an irresponsible mother !! You look at the phone, with the child at your feet… ” What was the woman’s explanation?

A photo from an airport where a mother buttons the phone while her baby is left on the floor, on a blanket, has sparked a wave of controversy on the Internet. The young mother was harshly criticized in the virtual environment for preferring to sit on the phone while leaving her child on the floor as if it were luggage.

The image went viral after it was distributed on the Internet along with a famous quote from Albert Einstein, who says: “I am afraid of the day when technology will be more important than interpersonal relationships. There will be a generation of idiots in the world. ”

At first glance, she looks like a distorted mother, but the reason for the woman who left her child lying on the floor will make us think twice before judging someone by appearances.

Seeing that the photo that was taken without her permission went viral on the Internet and that it was accompanied by all sorts of ugly words, such as “You are a distorted mother !! You sit on the phone, with the baby on your feet, and you don’t care about him… ”, the woman decided to tell the truth.

Molly Lensing, who is a pediatric nurse by profession and has two more children at home, had been stranded at the Colorado airport for more than 20 hours with her two-month-old daughter after their flight was canceled.

“Anastasia had been sitting in her stroller for too many hours, and I had my hands tired from holding her in my arms and from my luggage. He needed space to lie down, and I had to communicate with all the family members, who were wondering where we were, ”Molly explained on a television show.

The woman also said that a few months after the unpleasant experience lived at the Colorado airport, she saw the image with her circulating on the Internet. After several netizens identified her name, Molly began receiving harsh messages on Facebook. While some defended her, others wrote that she was “a terrible mother.”

“I felt that my privacy had been violated. I work at a pediatric clinic and I was afraid that my boss or one of my colleagues would see the picture and be kicked out. Fortunately, this did not happen, “said Molly Lensing.

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