Meet the “Trueblue Twins” who are now gaining a massive Instagram following

Even though twins are quite common, there are still individuals who are intrigued by the similarities between two distinct people.

That includes me as well ….

Megan and Morgan, the twins, attracted attention not only because of their striking resemblance but also because of their captivating eyes. At the age of four, their eyes resembled crystal clear water. Once their pictures were captured and shared online, they quickly became viral sensations.

Megan and Morgan Boyd earned the nickname “Trueblue Twins” at the age of four, thanks to the adorable photos their mother posted on Instagram that captured the hearts of many online.

Many parents enjoy showing off pictures of their children, but these twins’ distinctive appearance has attracted a global audience. They now have more than 153,000 followers on Instagram.

And it’s easy to see why, isn’t it?

The girls were born on June 6, 2011. Stephanie, the girls’ mother, came up with the nickname “Trueblue Twins” because of their special blue eyes. To differentiate between Megan and Morgan, just pay attention to their eyes.

Megan is the only one with two blue eyes. Morgan’s right eye is not blue, but dark brown, giving them a distinct appearance. This is the appearance of the girls today, at the age of nine.

Lots of fans are captivated by the girls’ unique eye color. Some think African-American adults with blue eyes wear contacts, but they can actually have a rare gene that gives them blue eyes. Stephanie, the mother of the Trueblue Twins, was born with blue eyes and claims she doesn’t wear contacts.

Lots of fans are intrigued by the girls’ unique eye color. Some may think African-American adults with blue eyes are wearing contacts, but they could actually have a rare gene that gives them blue eyes. Stephanie, the mother of the Trueblue Twins, was born with blue eyes too and claims she doesn’t wear contacts.

Stephanie maintains a level-headed attitude even as her daughters gain popularity on social media. She acknowledges that Megan and Morgan’s natural beauty could lead to modeling opportunities, but she values their independence and refrains from pushing them into anything. This demonstrates her wisdom. Just look at how gorgeous these 11-year-olds are now – they are truly stunning!

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