A 86 Year-old man taught himself sewing so he can sew warm hats for infants at a neonatal intensive care unit

This will be a reminder that it’s never too late to learn new things.

Thanks to Ed Mosley, a resident of a nursing home in Georgia, United States, 300 premature babies in intensive care at a hospital in Atlanta are getting wamr and cozy thanks to knitted hats made them by hand.

And the best part? Ed taught himself how to survive so he can prepare their hats for the holiday season.

“I asked my daughter to buy a set and she comes with a loom in the right size and the right tools to help you knit a hat”, said Mosley. “I just followed the instructions. It was easy. Somehow I never knitted, I always associated knitting with needles, but it seemed to me like something I can do. I made 2-3 attempts before I got a good finished product”.

Without realizing it, he had already sewed 55 cute caps for little babies. What inspired him to do so? Challenge.

In the community in which Ed lives the caregivers challenged them to knit as many hats as they can, and as a retired engineer, Ed was not going to give up this challenge.

Full of excitement with every stitch and seam, Ed began working and made lessons to inspire his community friends.

Together, with the help of the therapists, staff, family and friends, more than 300 hats were knitted for the babies in the hospital.

The infants parents were delighted with joy.

“It is highly significant for us because this is the second time that we have a baby in the NICU”, said Doug Bunt, whose young son Matthew was born on 12 November. “We have a 5 year old boy who spent 54 days in the NICU. Knowing that there are other people who think about the welfare of the babies, our babies, it is heartwarming. The fact that this man takes his time of the day to help these baby has tremendous significance”.

For Ed, knitting hats became a fun hobby for him. It gives him something to do while he is not doing his other hobby – watching golf on TV.

“When someone appreciates anything you do, it makes you feel good, naturally”, said Ed. “I have a great time doing this, and now I moved to bigger hats. I sew my grandchildren’s hats”.

Nothing like a handmade gift to warm the heart.

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