Mel Gibson’s son Milo is all grown up and at 32, he’s the spitting image of his father

For many years, Mel Gibson has been a mainstay in the industry of entertainment . Milo Gibson, one of the nine offspring the Hollywood celebrity has, is currently beginning his very own film career.


Milo Gibson has appeared in a number of films, occasionally even collaborating with his Dad. He is also the exact replica of his Hollywood legend father at the age of 32.

Mel Gibson has performed legendary characters like few other performers. His most adored parts are in Braveheart (1995) and Conspiracy Theory (1997), but Mel Gibson has achieved so much more.


He has already played a variety of parts, which is undoubtedly encouraging for the future! With addition to performing, Milo Gibson has dabbled in modeling.

He is unmistakably his father Mel’s son, down to the thick hair and fierce gaze. People occasionally recognize him, though not as Milo.

People occasionally exclaim, “Hey, you look like Mel Gibson!” And I exclaim, “F**k, I wish!” he continues.

He had his first acting opportunity in 2016 when he co-starred with his father in the World War II movie Hacksaw Ridge with actorss like Andrew Garfield.

Working with his father, who was directing the movie, was the ideal way for him to launch his acting career.

He remarked, “It was good to see him behind the camera. “I discovered that vulnerability is one of the secrets of acting; you have to be comfortable taking risks and then sticking to them.”

The 2018 release of the movie All the Devil’s Men gave Gibson his first leading role. Additionally, he was cast in Breaking and The Tribes of Paolos Verde (2017), both of which he co-starred in with Jennifer Gardner.

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