Hoda Kotb: Enjoying Precious Family Time

Today’s Hoda Kotb took some time off from her busy schedule to spend quality moments with her loved ones. The popular Today Show presenter shared a heartwarming photo on social media, showing her two adorable kids, Haley (six years old) and Hope (three years old), walking hand in hand with their cousins. The sweet image captured the four girls strolling along a suburban street, creating a beautiful scene of family unity and love.

In her caption, Hoda simply wrote, “Cousins,” which touched the hearts of her fans. They quickly flooded the comments section with well-wishes and admiration for the beautiful family. It’s evident that Hoda’s strong bond with her children is a source of joy and inspiration for many.

This delightful family moment comes on the heels of Hoda’s co-star Savannah Guthrie’s announcement that Hoda would be taking a break from NBC’s The View to spend time with her loved ones.

And she started her vacation on a high note by sharing glimpses of her personal life with her followers. Hoda kicked off her Sunday by enjoying a relaxing morning at home with her girls, while cheering for the Women’s World Cup.

Later in the day, Hoda revealed that her extended family, including her beloved mother, Sameha “Sami” Kotb, had gathered for a delightful pre-birthday dinner. The dinner was a special treat organized by Hoda’s friend and colleague Jenna Bush Hager. Expressing her gratitude, Hoda thanked Jenna in an Instagram post, saying, “@jennabhager Thank you for the amazing pre-birthday dinner! My entire family, including YOU, enjoyed it!” Clearly, the Kotb family knows how to celebrate togetherness and create precious memories.

Hoda’s well-deserved break comes at an exciting time for her. She recently announced the release of her new book, “Hope is a Rainbow,” inspired by her youngest daughter, Hope. In the book, Hoda shares a powerful message about finding hope in every corner of life, even in the face of hardships. A true testament to the strength and resilience of the human spirit.

The journey that led to the creation of “Hope is a Rainbow” was not an easy one. In early 2023, Hope was hospitalized for several days, leaving Hoda and her family deeply concerned. When Hoda returned to Today, she opened up about the difficult experience, saying, “My youngest, Hope, was in the ICU for a few days and in the hospital for a little more than a week.” But now, she joyfully shared, “I’m so glad she’s home. She has returned home. I was looking forward to that day, and we are keeping a tight eye on her. I’m overjoyed.”

Hoda expressed her gratitude to her family and her dear friends, like Savannah, who supported her throughout that challenging time. This story of love, strength, and hope inspires readers of all ages, and it’s a beautiful continuation of Hoda’s previous children’s book, “I’ve Loved You Since Forever,” which was inspired by Haley’s birth in 2018.

Hoda is an incredible example of a loving and devoted mother. She adopted both Hope and Haley, and she continues to co-parent them with her ex-fiancé, Joel Schiffman. Her unwavering dedication to her children is evident in her actions and the love she shares with them.

While Hoda takes this well-deserved break to enjoy precious moments with her family, her fans eagerly await her return to the studio. Her warm presence on The Today Show brings joy and inspiration to millions across the globe. Until then, we can all learn from Hoda’s example of prioritizing family and finding hope in every corner of life.

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