8-Year-Old Paints A Masterful Portrait Of Jesus, Claiming To Have Seen His True Face

Akiane Kramarik’s “Prince of Peace,” an ethereal representation of Jesus she painted when she was just 8 years old, was resurrected as a masterpiece after being stolen, mistakenly sold, and kept in the dark for 16 years.

Akiane, a best-selling novelist, businesswoman, and philanthropist who is now 28 years old, has stated that she felt obliged to paint her masterpiece, “Prince of Peace,” representing a “profound role model for humanity,” because of a persistent “visionary inspiration.”

She showed one of her creations on the Oprah Show when she was nine years old: an inspired painting of Jesus called “Prince of Peace,” created by her especially careful strokes.

You’re clearly talented. What’s the source of this? Asking Akiane was Oprah.

The young genius firmly replied, “It comes from God.

When Akiane was 10 years old, she was asked during an interview how she knew it was God speaking to her. She said, “Because I hear His voice. His voice is soft and lovely.

Oddly, Akiane was raised in a small town in Idaho by a family that refused to discuss their religious beliefs.

“Not simply art was being produced. Akiane’s mother, Forelli Kramarik, who was raised in a Lithuanian atheist home, claimed that a spiritual awakening occurred along with the artistic awakening. “When she started to talk about her dreams and visions, everything started to happen. My husband did not adhere to the family’s ideals and was once a Catholic. We didn’t attend to church, we didn’t pray together, and we didn’t talk about God. Akiane suddenly began to discuss God at that point.

According to her mother, Akiane was homeschooled, did not have babysitters or television, and was not influenced by anyone outside the home. We were always around the children, so we were aware that Akiane’s statements regarding God were not the product of other influences. But all of a sudden, she would go into great depth as we had deep chats about God’s love and His role in our lives.

According to Akiane, the picture was inspired by a fantasy she had as a child.

It was her initial intention to represent her ideas in poetry and other literary works, but she ultimately felt that “it was too complex to describe through words so I painted.”

“I always talk and think about Jesus,” she remarked. I spent a very long time looking for a [Jesus] model, and when I couldn’t locate one, I once advised my family to pray nonstop for the proper model so that God would send one.

After the family prayed, a very tall artisan who looked like Jesus and who was also a carpenter arrived at their door looking for work. When she first saw him, Akiane thought she was going to faint. “I told my mother that was him,” she reflected. “I want him to be my role model,”

Akiane was inspired by a vision she saw of a carpenter to create the “Prince of Peace,” a priceless masterwork that is now well-known worldwide.

When it was stolen, the painting “Prince of Peace” was en route to an exhibition; for such a young artist, the colorful and exact skills were impressive.

A few years later, Akiane got it back, but sawdust had gotten on it during shipping, which she carefully wiped off.

Despite their greatest efforts to share Akiane’s spiritually-inspired portrait with the world, the family’s plans to display it were foiled by a clerical blunder.

After losing a protracted legal battle to reclaim the painting—which was then being kept in a dark stairwell—Akiane sold “Prince of Peace” to a private collector and shifted his focus to creating other works that would go on to win international appreciation.

With the help of her skills, Akiane was able to lift her family out of poverty, and she clung to the dream that one day she would meet her “Prince of Peace.”

She visited more than 30 nations during this time, where she taught locals how to paint and spread the gospel of peace and spirituality to various groups of people. In order to keep “Prince of Peace” fresh in people’s thoughts, she sold more than 100,000 prints.

2019 saw the occurrence of a miracle.

According to rumors, “Prince of Peace”‘s $850,000 purchasers are “one of the world’s most distinguished and esteemed families.”

The newly established family “sees itself as the stewards for the original.” They consider it their duty to preserve this masterpiece for future generations so that its message might continue to inspire millions of people.

Nearly twenty years later, Akiane carefully opened the package containing her beloved “Prince of Peace,” wiped her eyes, and knelt down. In a recent interview with CBS, Akiane was asked about her favorite piece of work and responded, “It was amazing to me.” After so many years, “to be able to see this into the light once more.”

“It’s still surreal to me,” she continued. I’m not lying…Love is incredibly potent. It will consistently arrive on schedule for those who require it most.

The Belóved Gallery in Marble Falls, Texas is now hosting the exhibition “Akiane: The Early Years,” which includes the well-known artwork “Prince of Peace.”

Even if one does not share Akiane Kramarik’s Christian religion, it is impossible to deny her immense talent. Which, if any, of her works do you find most appealing?

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