Image 1 Internet Madonna’s most recent appearance has alarmed her followers.

This past weekend, Madonna was photographed leaving a dinner gathering with her son Rocco Ritchie without her usual filter.

When she and her 21-year-old son were seen leaving Harry’s bar in London’s hip Mayfair neighbourhood early on Saturday morning, the 63-year-old mother appeared younger than her years.

Madonna, dressed entirely in black, presented her flawless face to the camera while smiling elegantly.

The pop icon covered her legs with sheer tights, boots, and a velvet blazer while sporting city shorts.

Madge carried a graffiti bag from Comme des Garcons that read, in a lighthearted nod to Madge’s character, “loveable rebel.”.

Rocco was seen helping his mother as the two walked outside.

The stylish Ritchie, a son of Madonna and Guy Ritchie, wore a simple grey suit, brown brogues, a white shirt, and a tie for the occasion.

The mother of Mercy, David Banda, Stella, Rocco, Lourdes, and David Banda recently caused controversy with an unending stream of offensive Instagram pictures.

Fans have recently been shocked by images of her stretching out over a car, sitting on the toilet, and even showing her nipples.

Some admirers have remarked that the outspoken star looks like a “teenager” due to her consistently youthful appearance in her photos. “.

Many of the Queen of Pop’s adoring fans praised her for being “flawless” and “beautiful,” but others lamented the loss of her “real face.”. “.

The celebrity was attacked by rapper 50 Cent after he posted a picture of her face down and her legs and buttocks sticking out from under a bed on his website.

The Madonna photo was shared by 50 Cent, who described it as the “funniest s**t” he had ever seen.

“LOL. Under the bed, 63-year-old Madonna is feigning virginity. If she didn’t pick herself up, she was fired. LMFAO,” the 46-year-old wrote in a previous post.

The  Evita star’s fans quickly turned against the musician despite his quick and repeated apologies.

Image 1

Madonna hasn’t directly responded to the criticism, but she did seem to make a joke about keeping the disturbing images out there.

The diva, known for igniting controversy, told her followers in an Instagram Stories video, “Don’t f**k with me.”.

She resisted, but moderators stepped in and took down several obscene pictures of her bottom and nipples in bondage-style lingerie from her page.

Madonna could no longer restrain herself from speaking.

She failed to say, “I’m republishing photos that Instagram deleted without contacting me or giving me any prior notice.”.

As an excuse for ignoring my complaint, they stated that a small portion of my nipple had been exposed. “.

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