Father Prioritizes Dog Over Son: Chooses to Carry Pet Instead

Dogs are man’s best friend, but how far does that friendship go? Recently, a father’s choice of carrying his dog while his young child walked beside him made a viral video. This was recorded by a woman from her car, which she then published on her TikTok. While driving, the woman- Luz Elena- captured the video of a man that was carrying his pitbull in one arm, while holding on to his son’s hand in the other. The woman put up a caption with the video, stating, “When your priority is your dog, not the child.” Putting dog over son, where did TikTok stand on this?

This video gained massive popularity on social media with over 4 million views, and 5,000 comments. A large part of the comments supported the man’s decision, with one individual writing, “If his legs hurt, the child has good tennis shoes.” But then, it is pretty transparent that the love the father has for his son and his dog is pretty equal and important. At the end of the day, men love their pets. There is absolutely no question about that.

father holding dog and walking with child

Choosing Dog Over Son- Is It Normal?

In all fairness, humans do show their love for their pets more than their love for their children. It might not be as clear-cut as choosing dogs over sons, but a pet is also as important as a child. Recently, an individual who was asked to choose between their pet and their child, responded, “If someone had given me the option, I would have adopted a collection of dogs. I love my kids, but I love my dog so much more.” The individual then started gushing about the unconditional, uncomplicated love that their pets provided, which could make one curious about the very psychology that makes one love their pet more than their children.

Dr. Julian Lagoy, MD, mentioned, “It is possible to love your pet more than your children, since your own children are more likely to cause you more headache and stress and drama than a pet. It is also much easier overall to care for a pet than to care for a human child, who over time has more complex needs. This feeling can happen with all sorts of pets, although it is more common to see with dogs and cats compared to less cuddly pets such as fish. Humans historically have felt more companionship with dogs and cats than other animals.

It May Be A Bit More Complex Than It Seems

But, there could be a developing issue somewhere in your psyche which you should address to a mental health professional. Dr. Lagoy believes, “Obviously one should love their own children more than pretty much anything: however, the love for a pet is different from the love for a child. If a pet is prioritized unconditionally over a human child and treated with more care, you might consider seeking professional guidance.” A therapist will help one in a shame and judgment-free space while giving them the time and tools to work on themselves.

In the end, Dr. Lagoy believes, “You should not feel too guilty if sometimes you love your pet more than your child, especially when your child is acting very difficult in a way that your pet never would.” As it stands, there is no quantifying measure of love. So, if you do love your dog over your son, try to understand why. It will help you increase your love for your child if you think there is something lacking in the relationship. For, we can tell you right now- there is no problem in loving your dog- it is a man’s best friend at the end of the day.

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