10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kelly Reilly

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kelly Reilly
Kelly Reilly is kind of the simple, laid back type of person that doesn’t go in for all the glitz and glam of Hollywood. She likes being where she’s at and she does enjoy acting but she tends to keep herself away from the parts of it that seem to belong to those that love the spotlight enough to throw themselves at it time and again. In truth she loves what she does and sticks around for the purity of the acting. The paycheck is nice obviously but it’s not her only motivation as she is one of those folks that genuinely gets in to what she’s doing and believes in her roles enough that she’ll give everything without asking for anything other than what she’s earned. She doesn’t try to make her fame any more than what it is and will usually be content with what she has so long as she gets to do what she loves doing.

Here are a few things you might not have known about her.

10. She loves her job and the challenge of it.
If there’s one thing that makes work pleasant it’s doing what you absolutely love to do and having the opportunity to get paid for it. Kelly is pretty happy with her fame and does happen to love acting a great deal.

9. She’s not interested in photo shoots and interviews.
She’ll give interviews of course, as this is one way to get more exposure for the projects she’s on and her own name, but she’s not one that will actively go out seeking people to give interviews to and she’s not the type that really enjoys photo shoots.

8. She’s got a lot of humility.
If there’s one thing in life, and in Hollywood especially, that there seems to little of it’s the sense of humility that comes from realizing that no matter how popular you get there’s always going to be someone that’s coming up behind you to nab your spot and make you seem like old news.

7. She acts because she wants to, not solely for the fame it brings.
A lot of people might roll their eyes at this and mock the words but it’s very true that someone can do what they love and not worry about the paycheck. Of course it’s nice to get paid but if you get paid to do what you love then it’s even better.

6. Her personal life is of great importance to her.
You might think that this is obvious and not even worth mentioning but in truth a lot of actors seem content to let all their business out into the world without caring who knows what and who’s going to say what about their family. Kelly happens to enjoy her personal life and doesn’t share it all the time.

5. She came from a very strong but humble family.
Her family bestowed upon her the level of humility she currently has and helped to make her into the woman she is today. She might have still become who she is but thanks to great guidance she had some help in determining what was important in life and how to get it.

4. She was in the movie Flight.

In this movie she plays a heroin addict that’s trying to kick her addiction and becomes attracted to the main character, who is an airline pilot that has a serious problem with drinking. When she discovers that he can’t stop drinking and won’t try she has to leave him since his addiction greatly conflicts with her need to stay sober.

3. She’s currently acting in the show Yellowstone.

She plays the daughter of the lead character and has a serious substance abuse problem. She’s also a master at manipulation and is one of the least trustworthy people in the show because of it, and because on top of that she’s highly intelligent.

2. She’s won a few awards.
Despite the fact that a lot of people might not know a lot about her outside the roles she plays, Kelly has managed to chalk up a few awards in her time, something that definitely ups her value a bit and makes her star shine just a little brighter.

1. Her career started in 1995.
She’s been around for a while and has done a few things in her career but it doesn’t seem to have gained her all that much attention. But what you need to remember is that she is a rather humble person and doesn’t go looking for the attention even though she could probably have it without too much effort. At this point it’s pretty obvious that she’ll always be up for a role when it’s offered but she won’t go chasing after it if she doesn’t want it.

She’s a unique person in Hollywood, someone that stays humble and still loves what she does.

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