Absolutely Hilarious License Plates We’ve Seen In A While

When people see vanity licence plates, it’s hard not to roll your eyes. This individual is determined to make a statement with their very greatest licence plates ever, rather than settling for a random combination of letters and numbers like the rest of us. “Oh, look at me, everybody!”

At least in some cases. There are some who use humorous licence plates to boast about their riches and lack of humour, while others use this small space for advertising to make us laugh.

Simply said, any form of roadside entertainment is sure to be appreciated during a lengthy car trip, isn’t it?

Despite efforts by the DMV and other car authorities to maintain decorum and eliminate the appeal of creative licence plate designs, these individuals have discovered a way around the system.

This list showcases the finest examples of creative licence plates, featuring dad jokes, Pokemon and even riddles!

Read on to see a list of the top licence plates, and then share your thoughts with us in the comments!


Chrysler Capital reports that iron plates covered with porcelain enamel were the first to be issued by the state. The only state that continues to sell a porcelain plate is Delaware. The porcelain variant starts at $110.

“Because the fragility of the porcelain plates made them impractical, manufacturers experimented with replacement materials such as cardboard, leather and even pressed soybeans.”



In 1928, the first graphic licence plates were manufactured in Idaho. The image featured a potato, as befits Idaho.

The first personalised licence plate was made in Pennsylvania not long after that in 1931. A statement from licenseplates.tv reads, “As Americans became more prosperous, custom or official vanity license plates became very popular.”

“The increased fees for custom, personalised or vanity official licence plates have earned the states hundreds of millions of dollars and a great source of tax revenue for education (colleges), wildlife conservation and other projects.”



These days, licence plates are mass-produced by governments that use inmates as cheap labour, with the exception of three. Except for Alaska, Hawaii, and Oregon, all of which use privately held factories to make their state licence plates, the rest of the country follows suit.

The US Postal Service does not show or require licence plates on its vehicles.

At long last, vanity plates are legal in every single state. The percentage of custom plates is highest in Virginia, followed by New Hampshire, and Illinois, out of the 50 states. In contrast, the usage of personalised plates is lowest in Texas. In light of it, how can we interpret these states?




What is the World’s Finest Licence Plate?

Which licence plates are the baddest depends on your unique tastes and how outlandish your sense of humour is! The Internet, however, makes it possible to discover a wealth of intriguing information, such as the most expensive and greatest humorous licence plate designs.

Here it is, therefore, without further ado. Internet users as a whole think this is the most awesome licence plate ever:

The number “P7” appears on a vehicle number plate.

What makes it so awesome? The owner shelled out a cool fifteen million dollars for this plate, making it the priciest vanity plate ever. In August 2023, it was auctioned off and the entire proceeds were donated to a worthy cause. An excellent level of coolness is compensated for by the price alone!

And the “P7” plate? It doesn’t mean anything! Just because it’s unique doesn’t mean it’s cheap. Oh, what a shame! Vanity plate concepts have always seemed so cool to us because of the hidden meanings behind them.






A licence plate has recently become a social media sensation after capturing people’s attention. An intelligent concealing of a maybe provocative term on a Kia Sportage’s licence plate caught people’s attention in a Perth shopping centre parking lot.

What do you think of these 12 hilarious licence plates? Which one would you say is the funniest?

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