This Hit Song From 1958 Hit Is A Timeless Classic And It Only Has One Word

Yes, just one word for the lyrics and three times it repeats. Here is an intriguing story about this song. How did the concept originate?

Have you bought an album (or if you’re not old enough for that, maybe a cassette tape)? They had two sides: side A often had the most promising songs for radio airplay and side had the ones that didn’t have top prospects. “Tequila” is one of the songs that rock and roll band The Champs put on side B to fill it up.

According to the band members, they were working on a new song during a recording session in 1957 when Daniel Flores, who wrote the song and played saxophone for the band, suddenly started playing a catchy, repetitive riff on his sax. It had a distinct Latin flavor and caught the attention of the other band members. Impressed by the melody, they decided to build a song around it.

While working on the track, the band members brainstormed ideas for a title. They found inspiration from a trip they had taken to Tijuana, Mexico, where they had enjoyed tequila, a popular Mexican liquor. The energetic and lively nature of the song seemed to match the spirit of the beverage, and thus, they decided to name the track “Tequila.”

“Tequila” quickly gained popularity after its release in 1958, becoming a massive hit in the United States and internationally. The infectious melody, marked by the repeated word “Tequila” shouted three times, made the song instantly recognizable and memorable. It reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and remained there for five weeks. Further, in 1959, it won a Grammy Award in 1959 as well. Isn’t that a great story? Watch the video from American Bandstand below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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