The crow visits the restaurant every morning for lunch. He also says hello upon entering the restaurant

For twenty-six years, the owners of a cozy bar in the small village of Posada de Llanes begin their mornings with a special meeting – a crow becomes their regular visitor. This unusual custom has become an integral part of the life of the establishment, turning into something more than just a habit. Every morning, the first person to cross the threshold of the bar is traditionally this feathered guest. Over the years of his visit, he has never missed an appearance and flawlessly fulfills his role, familiar to every visitor to the establishment.

The owners and bar staff know the habits of this unusual guest perfectly. The raven, nicknamed Paco, never shows interest in anything other than the menu. He is offered to familiarize himself with a variety of dishes, and, like an expert, he chooses his breakfast, pointing with his beak to his preferred position. Lucas Fernandez, the owner of the establishment, is surprised to note that the bird’s preferences change only two to three times a week, which adds to the mystery of this amazing union between man and animal.

Paco’s story began a long time ago, 26 years ago, when he and his two brothers were found as very small chicks under a nest near a tree that grew very close to the bar. Fernandez took responsibility for the whole trio, but Paco decided that his place was next to the bar, in his line of sight. He built a nest for himself and became inextricably linked with this place, as if becoming its symbol and part of its history. Recently, the owners of the bar decided to share Paco’s amazing story with the world by posting a video that captured the moment he walked through the doors and politely “Hola”.

This video became an instant viral hit, attracting the attention of many people from all over the world. Known for its unusual clientele, the bar has become a magnet for tourists wanting to see the amazing interaction between man and nature. Crows, like other intelligent creatures, truly amaze with their abilities. The ability to speak and remember words is just one of the many amazing features of these birds, which skillfully adapt to the world around them, never ceasing to surprise and delight us with their intelligence and ingenuity.

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