Remember Your Grandmother’s Vintage Glass Juicer? I Still Use It All the Time

Seersucker, pecan pie, family members silver, monograms, bow ties, mint juleps, pink lipstick, crystal. In the South, some things never go out of design. Insert to that listing: classic glass citrus juicers.

While a juicer may not be as quintessentially Southern as, say, sterling julep cups or a Lodge solid iron skillet, they are a fixture in kitchens all across the South—and for excellent rationale. They are iconic, superbly designed, and extremely valuable. These glass beauties, specially when they are classic or made out of depression glass, are the least difficult way to extract the juice from citrus.

Juice has been a section of the human food plan for hundreds of years. As Very first We Feast factors out, even The Lifeless Sea Scrolls, which day back again to 150 BC consist of a recipe of kinds for “a pounded mash of pomegranate and fig,” a.k.a. juice. For many years, however, individuals who wanted juice had to hand-squeeze lemons or oranges or pomegranates or in the scenario of wine, or as my mom phone calls it, grown up juice, grapes were juiced by foot. Lemonade grew to become popular in the Center East, coming to Italy in the 16th century, with orange juice first starting to be common in the 17th century, according to Vice. The Southern California Fruit Trade, later on regarded as Sunkist, opened its doors in 1893, marketing Us citizens on the strategy of orange juice as a wholesome, vitamin-packed drink.

For Us citizens seeking to juice at residence, although, they experienced to squeeze oranges, lemons, and grapefruits by hand, which is why these intelligent hand-powered juicers have had a household in kitchens for generations. They were the main way to extract juice from your beloved citrus fruit right until a gentleman named Norman W. Walker invented the mechanical juicer in 1936, according to The Atlantic.

This Classic Kitchen area Staple is Suffering from a Renaissance, and We Couldn’t Be Happier

This Joanna Gaines-permitted glassware is getting a comeback.

Unless you’re an avid juicer, or if you are lucky more than enough to have citrus trees developing in your yard, even though, there’s ordinarily no need to have to swap your handbook juicer for an electric juicer having up house on your counter. For most home cooks who require a minimal clean-squeezed important lime juice for their key lime pound cake, some new squeezed juice for grapefruit bars, or lemon juice for a glass of ice cold lemonade, the basic citrus juicer will never ever lose its place in the kitchen area.

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