Dog who spent 600 days in shelter finally gets adopted — takes a limo to his new home

It’s always an exciting day when a shelter dog goes off to his forever home, but it was an extra special day for a dog named Chester.

After some rough beginnings in a neglectful home and nearly 600 days in the shelter, he’s heading to his new home in style.

Chester, a 4-year-old pit bull, was rescued along with three other dogs from an abusive, neglectful home situation in August 2022. He was found chained up in a vacant house, nearly starved to death.

No photo description available.

“Chester was completely skin and bones, the dog couldn’t even lay down. He had his paw stuck in a prong collar and he was a mess. He had to be carried out after a little bit because he could not stand,” Kyrie Brickman, kennel manager at Euclid Animal Shelter, told WJW.

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