6 Cowgirls Walk To The Stage But Wait First Till You See This Dance

Wearing their sexy cowgirl outfits, a group of six dancers performed an awesome dance number to the tune of country music.Their songs were a combination of country music hits, re-mixed to be livelier and upbeat.

Their performance was fabulous and everyone in the audience just loved their choreography!
Usually, dance numbers performed in gatherings are made to the tune of popular dance music.

Seeing a group dance to country music while wearing cowboy hats and boots is not a regular thing, and it is definitely a refreshing change!

These dancers did the unexpected and began their number by barging in like cowboys entering a rodeo field.

Once on stage, the ladies formed a line and then, their fantastic routine began.
One by one, the girls took their places on the dance floor and started to move to the beat, stunning the audience with their unique and amazing routine.

The girls wore matching red and black checkered shirts, tied by a knot in the middle.

All of them wore boots, skin-tight jeans, and cowboy hats that looked really great on them.

They were a beautiful sight and their ever-present smiles as they danced made their performance shine even brighter.
Looking gorgeous, ladies!

They looked great in their matching outfits as they groove to the upbeat music.

Their stage presence is palpable and everyone just enjoyed watching their dance number as the girls moved from one lively tune to another.
This is how you bring life to a party!

Who thought dancing to country music could be this exciting and fun?
Well, country music is not just meant to lull your broken heart to sleep or calm your lovestruck soul.

Country music can be a good source of dance floor fun, too!

Country music, also known as “hillbilly music”, originated in the early 1920s and is known to be a genre of popular music that came from the southern part of the United States.

It is a mix of genres such as American folk music (especially Appalachian folk and Western music) and blues.

Most of the country music we know are ballads with simple tunes that are easy to follow and relate to.
They are mostly sung and performed using string instruments, which are not exactly great to be danced along to.

But, that was before the mix with other genres that, when infused with basic country music, becomes a whole new approach to the genre that allows it to be more upbeat and fit to be dance music.

Thanks to the magic of modern technology.

The terms “alternative country”, “country rock”, “pop country” and a lot more were born and made performing to country music even more versatile.

Then people got creative and thought of adding a little bit of this dance and that, and voila!

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