Little Cowboy Sneaks His Guitar Outside Unaware Dad’s Secretly Recording, Then The Music Starts

There’s one thing adults can always appreciate when they see a little kid playing or interacting with others – and that’s their imagination. Kids will be kids and have no shame in acting out or telling someone how they feel. They are always completely candid and honest, which can sometimes come as a sh ock to parents who don’t want their kids saying the wrong thing in front of others.

But it’s one of the great attributes of being a child. Little Jackson is no different and he has big dreams he wants to accomplish one day.

Jackson may be young but one day he dreams of becoming a country music star. The tiny boy dons a cowboy hat and grabs his guitar to head outside. He looks like a little cowboy sporting his plaid shirt and cowboy boots as well. He doesn’t realize it, but dad stands behind him watching and recording his every move as he steps outside.

What he manages to capture is a sight he’ll never forget.

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