Wish List Written By A Foster Child In Oklahoma

The Facebook group “Dreamcatchers for Abused Children”, released a sneak peek of a youngster who moved the entire world to tears.

This organisation strives to assist and care for children who have endured abuse within their families.
Parents who abuse their children are removed from the home and taken to a facility where they are assisted, cared for, and understood.

Foster child

The young children then look for an adoptive family that would care for and love them unconditionally so that they can have calm, abuse-free lives.
A child from Oklahoma has been abused by his biological parents. For several years, the youngster was beaten and starved by both parents, who were alcoholics.
The youngster was taken from his natural parents and placed in the care of “Dreamcatchers for Abused Children” after neighbours alerted the police.

The child was looking for an adoptive home to provide him with an everyday life when the organisation’s volunteers discovered one swiftly.

After learning that a new family would adopt him, the boy penned a letter to his adoptive family outlining his hopes for his new home.

This is a wish list from an Oklahoma foster child. When we think about how bad things are for us, we must ALWAYS remember the children who have nothing.

“Things I’d like to have in my family.
I need food and drink.
Please do not hit on me.
A home with running water and electricity.
I’m looking for love.

Mom and dad never argue.
I’m not interested in d..rugs.
Please do not harm my dogs.
Assist with schoolwork.

Very nice, clean garments.
There are no lice. There’s no bug in the house.
Clear the clutter.
Make the bed and cover it.

Please do not sell my toys.
Fair treatment.
Don’t get wasted.
The residence has a television.

Allow me to keep my school supplies.
Beautiful shoes.
My very own comb soap. Beautiful home with a safe and a heated coat.

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