For the Cost of an Iphone He made a House of only 89 Squares, but Wait Until you See Inside

For the cost of an iPhone, 13-year-old Luke Thiull from Iowa built an impressive dream house in his backyard. The 89-square-foot house, 10 feet long and 5.5 feet wide, is a remarkable achievement. Luke’s inspiration came from a burning desire to create something extraordinary, and he documented the entire process on his YouTube channel.

Luke’s determination was evident in how he raised the necessary funds and materials over a year. He mowed lawns, organized fundraisers, and took on various jobs to cover the expenses. The house, constructed 75% from recycled materials and items from his grandma’s house, showcases his resourcefulness.

While the house has electricity, it lacks plumbing, meaning there’s no shower or toilet sink. However, it offers comfort and functionality with a microwave, TV, loft with a bed, and even a BBQ in the backyard.

Luke’s project is a testament to his ambition and ability to teach life lessons beyond video games or sports. His parents supported him, emphasizing the importance of self-reliance. Luke’s goal is to inspire kids and adults alike to pursue their dreams and prove that building something remarkable is possible at any age.

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