This Version Of “Wipe Out” Performed In Japan, 1966 By The Ventures Is One Of The Best – Who remembers it?

The Ventures is the first rock band that made the electric guitar known in 1966’s .

“Wipe Out” was basically filmed by Surfaris in 1963, Still the quartet is a heated topic to this day in Japan and you can see why after watching their old but still gold performance of “Wipe Out” live. Most important thing was the solo energetic drum who made it one of the phenomenal instrumental songs in that era.

The glorious Ventures are so focused and talented while performing their show, and of course the drum solo will leave you in shock.

It’s obvious that this video was filmed in a different era.

The video is in black and white, the show starts like immediately. Mell Taylor is behind his drums in the opening scene mixed with the loud applause in the background. The stage is uncovered, which is impressive it makes you think that all you needed was a good performance to have a show. As back then bands hardly relied on smoke, fire, light show, or choreographed dance groups.

You can see the Ventures in the middle of the stage wearing matching costumes.

The elemental stage aids you focus on performers. The concert is breath taking, not a single note is out of place or time. The groove is blasting the roof off and the crowd in love with the steady drumming and the performance of the band.

This was back in the times where the quality of a performance of “Wipe Out” distincted a good drummer!

This performance is a complet fulfillment.

The band were obviously ahead of their era and made the show that has all the rock swagger of Led Zeppelin and similar legendary performers.“Wipe Out” surely is one of those songs that you heard a million times, and you have barely seen it performed. So here is how it’s go down, all the band members hit it at once making the show practical and amusing.

Also the band guitarist is doing a hell of a job.

The guitarist is not just copying, he’s playing counterpoint most of the time. It takes a great band to manage to pull off an amazing cover of an iconic song, however this performance gives us some summer vibes and made us wishing for a beach party along with surfing.

No matter the time we living in, the song still a banger honestly.

“Wipe Out” is weighed as one of the iconic rock songs ever and till this day some radio stations use it.

This song also been used in different movies, including “Meet The Parents,” “Runaway Bride,” and “Back To The Beach.” Sha-Na-Na played the song at the Woodstock Festival in 1969, it’s safe to say that surfing has an interesting vocabulary used to describe various aspects of that sport. “Wipeout” is one of those words and it represents a fall from a surfboard, chiefly the painful ones.

This iconic song made a number of 5 million views on YouTube and still counting.

You might think this video is old, however it’s been filmed professionally.

The sound is exceptionally great. The Ventures are considered to be the greatest “surf band,” and Don Wilson, the rhythm guitarist, is the lone surviving member of the original group. The Ventures are the best selling rock band in music history and we surely love how legends live on.

By clicking the link down below you can check the whole show:

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