The Police Line Up To Do A Dance Routine, But It’s The Police Dog That Steals The Show

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think a police officer? If you are like many people, you have a negative view of their job and what they do every day.

Don’t feel bad about having such a view, it is often passed along by the media. They tend to shine a negative light on the police because it becomes more popular as a story.

In reality, police are there to protect and serve and they can be a first responder in a very beneficial way. They can even be entertaining, if they are given the opportunity to do so.

That is what we see in the following video. It starts out with police officers from two different departments trying to occupy the same parking space. They argue, but then they decide to dance it off.

When the people from the police stations begin filing out into the parking lot, you know that you have an epic flash mob in front of you. It may be somewhat of a new phenomena but most of us recognize a flash mob when they see one.

The two groups of people start to mingle together and the dancing begins. They are moving to the music and doing a great job of putting on a show.

When you look to the right, however, you see one of the police dogs enter the scene. The police dog is curious, not quite sure what to make of the dancing humans.

The amazing thing is that the police dog never breaks his position. The dog is watching carefully, sitting down at first and then standing up to check things out as much as possible.

The loyalty and obedience of the dog is our favorite part of the show. I’m sure that it will be a part you appreciate as well.

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